The bright light shines in my eyes, it  is show time!

My school had StarStruck and these are some of the photos!

I think my favourite dance was ‘another opnin another show.’

We even got dinner at Hungry Jacks!

2017 Debating

I look to the affirmative team and feel a tiny bit nervous. What a strong team!

This year the Tenambit Public Prosecutors debating team has been in 2 debates.

On the 22nd of March we unfortunately lost. We were up against Rutherford Public School. They were a very strong team. Our speakers were 1st speaker Banjo, 2nd speaker me, third speaker Sarah, and team adviser Aishnn. The topic was that we should ban school uniforms. We were the negative team so that meant we were saying we should keep school uniforms.

On the  30th of March we won! We were up against Bolwarra Public School. Again a very strong team. The Tenambit Public Prosecutors speakers were 1st speaker me, 2nd speaker Aishnn, 3rd speaker Banjo, and team adviser Elenoa. The topic was that year 5 and 6 should watch the news every night for homework. Again we were the negative team so we were saying that we should not watch the news for homework.

On the 20th of this month the Tenambit Public Prosecutors will be going to another debate.

My Family Poem!

Oh no! What a mess!

Mum will never get some rest!

Olivia my sister

Who loves to play twister

Has eaten all the food!

Mum will be in a very bad mood!

And Joseph my brother

Who is like no other,

Is throwing stuff around.

I wish he would settle down.

And William my other brother

Who helps his mother

Has sat down with a book

To take a quick look.

Mum comes in with a smile on her face

And says “What an amazing place.”

“But please clean up before dad gets back,

And get him out a little snack.”

Stop Bullying!


Stop right here if you’re a bully!

This post is for you. No one likes a bully!

Bullying hurts! Bullying is not done gracefully!

Sometimes it hurts you too!

But most of the time it makes the person you’re bullying blue!

Maybe you’re jealous, maybe you’re upset.

But do not do something you will regret!

Don’t let your feelings get in the way!

If you’re having a really good day!

Bullying is not a joke!

It is like the person you’re bullying hearts just broke!

Why do you bully, just why?

Come on kiss bullying goodbye!

Updating All about me!

As you know my name is Alison.

I have 1 sister, 2 brothers and a mum and dad.

My favourite food is lasagne.

My best friends are Chloe M, Sarah C, Carla, Halle and more.

I go to Tenambit Public School.

I am in 5/6C.

I am the vice captain.

My word cloud

This is my word cloud. As you can see it says blogging is amazing.

This is so true. I love blogging and I encourage people to be in it next year. Mrs Riding is our fantastic blogging teacher. There are many good things about blogging like, writing lots of posts, learning new things on the computer, getting comments from people right around the world and posting comments. It’s always good when you post comments to others.

I love blogging!

Art show

On the weekend we had our annual art show.
Our theme was ‘celebrating the past.’
The art show ran over three days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
There was a piece of art from every student and every teacher.
Each class did about 4 artworks each and then picked there favourite.
We also had artwork from professional artists.
My favourite was made out of cutlery. It was a spoon and fork dancing.
Each piece of art told a story. My artwork is celebrating a famous artist.
The art was amazing. I really liked the art show.
The art show wouldn’t be as good as it was without Mrs Riding.
Thanks Mrs Riding


Last night our school had a disco.

There was an infants disco at 5:30 pm till 6:45pm and a primary disco at 7:00pm till 8:30pm.

There was a lot of dancing, some games, and of course lollies.

I was a helper for the discos so I helped give out lollies, take pictures and pick out people for the trampoline.

I think the kids dancing was good and alright, teachers were ok.

It was a good night. I cannot wait till next disco.                                                                                    DiscoCreative Commons License Martin Fisch via Compfight



The Fete

On the weekend the school had a fete. Everyone including me enjoyed it. Each class had there own store.
My class had jelly cup surprise. It was jelly with lollies in the middle. There was also a cake store, a second hand shop, spiders, beauty salon, duck in the pond, chocolate toss, cake walk and lots of rides.
Some of the rides were:
Sumo soccer, mini jeeps, chair swing and jumping castles.
We also had our fantastic art show on the day.
The art show had amazing art.

The day was outstanding!

Best day ever.



Poetry Month

                                        AppleCreative Commons License     

                                                                                        Pascal Volk via Compfight


                           Creative Commons License

An Apple

One of the worlds tastiest things,
More special than a diamond ring,
Tasty as ever,
No matter the weather,
A special treat,
Especially in the heat,
It is very juicy,
Even people that are choosy.