My New Avatar

Hello everyone,

This is a post about my new avatar.

Firstly this is my old avatar:

My new avatar matches me because of a couple of reasons.

Firstly because of my hair. It is a light brown and that is the colour of my hair.

Secondly it is mostly pink and pink is my new favourite colour.

Lastly because of my eyes. I have light blue eyes, I also have black and pink glasses.

This is my new avatar:      




Vice Captain

Thank you to all the students, teachers and staff who voted for me at the school captain speeches last year. Thanks to all your support and votes I have received School Vice Captain. I will wear this badge with pride. I will respect all my fellow peers, do all my jobs responsibly, and show excellence when representing the school.

I will help with any jobs needed to be done. I will be the best school vice captain I can possibly be.



School leadership:)

tenambitOn Wednesday the 23/11/16 I  am running for school captain.

I don’t care what I get whether it is:

School captain, School vice captain, School prefect or school leader as long as I get one I am happy.

The day after the speeches is my birthday so that would be a fantastic birthday present.

If I am voted into school leader position I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If I am voted into a school leadership position I would let people come up to me with their ideas to make the school a better place and then pass their ideas onto the principal.

I would support everyone in learning and be a respectful, responsible and always show excellence in all activities.

I know I am the respectful and responsible captain you need so please vote number 1 Alison.

My Goals

Today I am going to list my goals: dolphins

  1. I woud like to get school captain for 2017.
  2. To get my black belt in karate before I am 15.
  3.  Go to university.
  4. To become a famous singer.
  5. Also swim with dophlins.
  6. To become a famous actor.
  7. I would like to become a doctor.
  8. To get into the times table tournament.
  9. I want to get into public school.
  10. Travel the world.

These are just some of my goals!



Today am going to make up a post on the top 10 reasons why I love blogging.

  1. In blogging groups I have many friends
  2. In blogging I can communicate with people from all over the world.
  3. I can have online pen pals
  4. I like creating new ideas and posting about them
  5. I can learn how to comment better
  6. It  helps me learn new stuff on the computer
  7. I can learn new things on other people’s posts
  8. It helps me to read more advanced words when I read other peoples post
  9. I can learn on a computer so fun
  10. It’s so much fun.

These are the reasons why I love blogging.

Sophie’s sizzling start.


Sophie had a wonderful sizzling start called RIP Graveyard. I decided to finish it.


The sound of a scream hurt my ears. It was a female scream and it kept getting closer. A grip pulled me into the dark and it was clear I was not safe. A sudden vision of a little girl dancing in a beautiful garden played in my head. That little girl was me, me before I had started this horrifying journey. A shadow came in the dark and stared at me and then spoke a language I could not understand Then I realised what he wanted, what he was looking for. It was the jewel on my necklace. He snatched it off and threw it to another figure. I felt the grip return around my waist. I got closer to the enemy and realised who it was. It was just one of my school friends playing a joke on because they really liked my necklace.

Blog Dog’s Holiday

Alison: on Thursday I took blog dog home. blog-a-dog-picture-2

Blog dog: on Thursday Alison took me home.

Alison: I made a cute little bed.

Blog dog: Alison made me a cute little bed for me that was warm and made me felt like home.

Alison: taught him new tricks.

Blog dog: Alison taught me a new trick she sat me on a ball and taught me how to balance.

Alison: On Friday I had to school.

Blog dog: When Alison went to school I went and talked her other teddy bears After a while I fell asleep. When I woke up Alison was rocking me in her arms.

Alison: On Saturday I had to go to the shops with my dad and because it was raining I left blog dog with my sister to look after.

Blog dog: When Alison went to the shops her sister read me a book and then we played then I went to sleep and when I woke up Alison told me we were going to blog.

Alison: On Sunday we went to explore at my great nan’s house

Blog dog: We went to explore Alison’s great nan’s house.

By Alison and Blog


The Mysterious Quest…

7346368206An undiscovered challenge, a mysterious job that I had to do. The hardest part was that I had no idea why this was my job, why I always got chosen for the hardest and scariest jobs.  The forest blocked out the sun and a day did not seem like 24 hours but 40 hours. The echoes of screams and cries hurt my ears. I knew I was finally here at my destination. I kept quiet and made sure my body was not seen around the house. All of a sudden someone gripped and tugged on my waist and I was pulled into darkness.

Please comment and finish this story. The best I might include in another  story.

My book review

degas-and-the-little-dancerthe-little-dancerMy book review is on  Degas and the little dancer.

This book is about a little girl named  Marie who’s parents are poor and she wants to become a famous ballerina.

She one day comes home from school to see her father has become very ill and could not afford Marie’s dance lessons any more.

Her dance teacher tried to help and told her that she could sweep the floor or some other little chores.

A man then runs saying I will give you a few francs if you pose for me but you will have to work hard and not chatter.

The girl agrees and starts as soon as possibly. The man starts to get angry  and then apologises and explains that he wants this to be his best sculpture ever.

A couple of years later there is an invitation to an exhibition at an art gallery where she finds her  sculpture.

Every night the guard says good night to the little dancer and then goes home and when the key turns the little dancer hears cheers and claps.

This is my book review on Degas little dancer.